Limitations on Credit Toward Graduation


Students in the College of Applied Health Sciences do not receive credit for MATH 002 and MATH 012.


Effective Fall 2018, no more than 8 hours of basic rhetoric (including RHET 101, 102, 103, 104, 105; ESL 111,112, 115; CMN 111, 112)

Aviation Courses

The College of Applied Health Sciences will accept a maximum of twenty-four (24) hours of the following aviation courses as free electives only; in no case may such additional courses be used to satisfy any other degree requirements. The following pilot training courses may be used as elective hours toward the total hours needed for graduation.

Pilot Training Curriculum Courses

AVI 101 Private Pilot, I

AVI 120 Private Pilot, II

AVI 121 Private Pilot, Re-qualification

AVI 130 Commercial-Instrument, I

AVI 140 Commercial-Instrument, II

AVI 200 Commercial Pilot, I

VI 210 Commercial Pilot, II

AVI 211 Commercial Pilot, II – M.E.

AVI 320 Flight Instructor-Airplane

AVI 322 Instrument Flight Instructor

AVI 324 All Attitude Orientation

AVI 350 Practice Teaching-Airplane

AVI 358 Human Factors

AVI 380 Multiengine Land

AVI 381 Cockpit Resource Management

AVI 391 Special Flight Ratings

AVI 392 Flight Instructor CFII and ME

AVI 393 Turboprop Pilot Orientation

AVI 429 Hum Comp Interaction Lab

AVI 441 Interactive Sys Model and Des

AVI 455 Aviation Accident Analysis

AVI 456 Hum Perf and Eng Psych

AVI 495 Aviation Psychology

Graduate Level Credit

Some courses at the 400-level may be taken for graduate school credit. To receive graduate credit as an undergraduate student requires the permission of the Graduate College. Courses taken as graduate credits do not apply toward the undergraduate semester hours required for graduation for a Bachelor’s degree. The Graduate College rather than Applied Health Sciences gives ultimate approval for graduate credit by undergraduate students.

Music Ensemble Courses

The College of Applied Health Sciences will accept a maximum of eight (8) hours of the following Music (orchestra, band, or ensemble) courses as free electives only: Music 250–276 and Music 450.

Religious Foundation Courses

Credit hours are not accepted as hours toward graduation or free electives for these courses.

ROTC Courses

Military service credit is not accepted by the College of Applied Health Sciences. However, those students enrolled in Army, Navy or Air Force ROTC programs may apply a maximum of six (6) hours of credit toward their AHS degree. Only those courses on the approved ROTC Course list will be accepted for credit.


MILS 301 Leadership and Problem Solving

MILS 302 Leadership and Ethics

MILS 341 Leadership and Management

MILS 342 Officership


Air Force ROTC

AFAS 331 Leading People and Effective Communication I

AFAS 332 Leading People and Effective Communication II

AFAS 341 National Security Affairs/ Preparation for Active Duty I

AFAS 342 National Security Affairs/ Preparation for Active Duty II



NS 204 Navigation/Naval Operations I

NS 307 Navigation/Naval Operations II

NS 323 Maneuver Warfare Fundamentals