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Soyoung Choi, PhD, RN

Soyoung Choi, PhD, RN

Curriculum Vitae:
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Soyoung Choi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and the director of the Accessible Healthcare Lab. She also serves as a faculty affiliate of the Illinois Informatics Institute and Personalized Nutrition Initiative. Dr. Choi's research focuses on three main areas: (1) designing and implementing mobile health (mHealth) interventions to promote health behaviors among people with visual impairments; (2) investigating the impact of health literacy on health behaviors and outcomes; and (3) developing accessible data collection tools for people with visual impairments. She received her Ph.D. in Nursing Science from Pennsylvania State University in 2020.

Dr. Choi is welcoming applications from prospective PhD candidates interested in developing an adaptive exercise program for older adults with disabilities or designing mHealth interventions (e.g., apps, wearables) for Fall 2024. If you're keen on this opportunity, please reach out to her at