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Community Health

Examine public health issues. Create innovative solutions. Build stronger communities. Learn about health and rehabilitation services, and become an agent of change.

Awards & Scholarships

Awards and Scholarships are awarded in the Spring. Spring 2020 applications are not being accepted at this time, but will become available closer to the end of the year. For more information, please check with your advisor.

Reginald J. Alston Award for Excellence

Community Health alumnus Travis Gayles (PhD 2006) created this award in honor of his mentor, Dr. Reginald Alston, a professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health. Preference is given to a student with a concentration in Rehabilitation and Disability Studies, with special preference given to students who are taking, have taken, or will be taking scholarly work and applying it to clinical and/or practical applications within the community.

Joanne M. Carraway and Charles M. Carraway Scholarship

This scholarship was established through a generous estate gift made by Robinson, IL, native Joanne M. Carraway (PEW ’51) and her husband Charles. Through an endowment, their gift provides permanent financial support and recognition to students studying Kinesiology and Community Health.

Carol L. Chittenden Scholarship

This scholarship is supported through gifts made by Carol Chittenden and her spouse Bill through the Chittenden Family Foundation. The award recognizes undergraduate students who have shown professional promise, scholarship, and service to their profession. Carol and Bill also support graduate fellowships in the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health and the Department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering to foster interdisciplinary research in these fields of study.

Community Health Leadership Award

This award recognizes outstanding juniors and seniors who demonstrate a strong interest in promoting community health through a career in a nonprofit setting. It is made possible by annual donations from alumnus Harold Wimmer and the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest.

F. Patricia Cullen Scholarship

Born in East St. Louis, Dr. Patricia Cullen (1923 – 2007) was a member of the University of Illinois physical education faculty for 10 years, earning her doctoral degree in 1964. She spent her career as a faculty member in Kinesiology at San Diego State University, retiring as professor emerita in 1985. Supported through an estate provision, this scholarship provides financial support and recognition to undergraduate students in the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health.

Helga M. Deutsch Scholarship

Dr. Helga Deutsch (1938 – 1993) served the Department of Kinesiology for more than 20 years in roles as professor, assistant department head, and director of undergraduate studies. The Helga Deutsch Scholarship, established in 1994 by her family, recognizes undergraduate students in Kinesiology who have shown scholarly merit, professional promise, and financial need.

Beulah Drom Scholarship

Beulah Drom (1904 – 2003) was a Kinesiology faculty member from 1947 to 1970. Professor Drom, known by her students as their “teacher of teachers,” was a pioneer in the fields of body mechanics and movement. To recognize Beulah’s significant contributions at Illinois, her colleague Dr. Alyce Cheska established the Beulah Drom Scholarship. It is supported through gifts made by friends and alumni of the department.

Aurelio E. “Joe” Florio Scholarship

This scholarship provides financial support to undergraduate students in Community Health who demonstrate academic excellence and potential leadership in the health education field. Professor Florio (1910 – 2001), a faculty member in Community Health for 40 years, was a well-regarded leader in traffic and driver education safety programs and served as the first president of the Illinois Driver Education Association. The Florio Scholarship is supported by the Florio family, alumni, and friends.

H.E. “Hek” Kenney Memorial Award

Alumnus Harold E. “Hek” Kenney (1904 – 1972) was a highly regarded coach, teacher, and administrator in physical education with a career that spanned four decades on the University of Illinois campus. With support from family members, colleagues, and friends, this award recognizes outstanding students in the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health.

Roger Winfield Morse Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was made possible by an estate gift from Catherine G. Morse in memory of Roger Winfield Morse, who graduated with a degree in Physical Education in 1934. The scholarship is awarded to students showing academic and professional promise.

Carita Robertson Physical Education for Women Scholarship

Carita Robertson (1897 – 1990) was a faculty member in the Department of Physical Education for Women from 1925 to 1963. Originally called the PEW Alumnae Scholarship, it was renamed the Carita Robertson Physical Education for Women Scholarship in 1963 to honor Miss Robertson’s significant contributions to the Department. It recognizes outstanding junior or senior women majoring in Kinesiology.

Seward C. Staley Scholarship

This scholarship is a three-year award that recognizes scholarly excellence and professional promise among undergraduate students. Seward Staley (1893-1991) was a member of the University of Illinois faculty for almost 40 years, serving as director of the newly created School of Physical Education and later as dean of the College of Physical Education.

Marianna Trekell Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Richard F. Schweig (Kines ’81) to honor his mentor Marianna Trekell (1926 – 2004), a faculty member in the former Department of Physical Education. Professor Trekell was well known for her expertise in oral history research and the history of sport, teaching and mentoring countless students throughout her 30-year career.

Agnes Radich Vidovic Award

Agnes Radich Vidovic received a B.S. in Physical Education for Women from the University of Illinois in 1951 and taught physical education until her retirement in 1990. With a desire to support future generations of students, Mrs. Vidovic established the Agnes Radich Vidovic Award to recognize outstanding undergraduate students in Kinesiology or Community Health who have shown scholarly merit and professional promise.

William H. Creswell Jr. Graduate Student Award

This award honors a long-time faculty member and head of the former Department of Health and Safety Studies. Dr. William Creswell (1920 – 2001) was one of the first researchers to study the health hazards of smoking and authored the well-regarded School Health Practice. The Creswell Award provides financial support to community health graduate students who excel academically, participate in professional organizations, and demonstrate potential leadership in the field of health education, health promotion, and/or public health. It is funded by contributions from the Creswell family, colleagues, and friends.

T. K. Cureton Physical Fitness Research Award

Dr. Thomas Cureton (1901 – 1992), often referred to as the “father of physical fitness,” was an internationally known scientist at the University of Illinois who played a crucial role in the development of the fitness movement in the United States. The T. K. Cureton Physical Fitness Research Award is supported through gifts made by Dr. Cureton’s wife Portia and friends and alumni of the Department. Portia Cureton (1917 – 2010) received a master’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois in 1945.

Howard S. Hoyman Award

This award honors a premier health educator whose major interest was curriculum at the secondary school level. During his extensive career at the University of Illinois, Dr. Howard S. “Mike” Hoyman (1902 – 1993) served as the first head of the Department of Health and Safety Education. The Hoyman Award was established by Dr. Hoyman’s wife Annelis, alumni, and friends to provide financial support to graduate students in Community Health.

Laura J. Huelster Award

Laura Huelster (1906 – 1986) was a faculty member in the former Department of Physical Education for Women for 43 years, including 17 years as department head. Dr. Huelster was known for her leadership in changing the role of women in physical education. The Laura J. Huelster Award, which supports graduate students in kinesiology who are working on their dissertations, was created to honor Dr. Huelster’s many contributions to the University of Illinois and the profession.

Benjamin H. Massey Memorial Award

This award was established by the family of Dr. Benjamin Massey, who was a faculty member in the Department of Kinesiology from 1969 until his death in 1990. During his tenure he served as director of the Physical Fitness Research Laboratory and director of graduate studies, often helping his students financially. Through this endowment, Professor Massey’s dedication to graduate students continues.

Robert L. Sprague Thesis Award

This award is supported through generous gifts made by Dr. and Mrs. Robert Sprague. Dr. Sprague joined the faculty in 1964 and retired after 36 years of service in 2000. In creating this award, Professor Emeritus Sprague and Mrs. Sprague help defray thesis expenses of graduate students in Kinesiology.