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Disability Resources & Educational Services

Electronic Letter of Academic Accommodations FAQ's

Q: How do I get my letter?

A: After you register with you DRES, you will have an orientation with your access specialist and develop your Letter of Accommodations.  This will be available in myAccessCenter for you to access in order to provide to your professors when you are requesting accommodations.

Q: Will my letter be visible to others?

A: No. Confidentiality is still of utmost priority here at DRES.  Only you will be able to view and access your letter.

Q: Can the electronic version be modified?

A: All the Letters of Accommodations will be locked PDFs and will have editing locked out and encrypted via password. Only DRES staff will be able to modify letters of accommodation.  You can access, print, download, and renew your LOA whenever needed and if you need to modify your Letter of Accommodations, you just contact your Access Specialist to discuss.

Q: What if my professors insist on paper copies even after I send them electronic versions?

A: You can still print out paper copies if you desire. The letter will be on DRES letterhead and all letters are electronically signed by your Access Specialist.

Q: What if my letter is incorrect, like I’m missing an accommodation?

A: If your letter is inaccurate, simply contact your Access Specialist and the letter can be modified.

Q: Can I access my letter at any time?

A: Yes, once your letter is in myAccessCenter, you can access it as many times as needed to download to send to professors or make copies.