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Disability Resources & Educational Services

Prospective and Current Employee Resources

  1. Prospective Employee Resources
    1. Personal Assistant Application Materials
    2. Graduate Disability Advocate Application Materials
    3. Once Hired: Getting on Payroll and Completing Training
  2. Current Employee Resources
    1.  Floater and PA Biweekly hours
    2. Personal Assistant Policy and Procedures

Prospective Employee Resources

We welcome your interest in working as a Personal Assistant (PA) or a Graduate Disability Advocate for Beckwith Residential Support Services.  Please complete the appropriate application and bring to Nugent Hall at 207 E. Gregory Drive.

Personal Assistant Applications should be submitted to Jason Murphy, Coordinator of Staffing and Education, 217/300-6221. While applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year, our goal is to hire and train personal assistant staff at the end of each semester so that resident needs for the upcoming semester may be met. PA staff are hired and trained typically in April so that a full complement of staff are ready to begin work in August for fall semester, and in November to prepare for January and the spring semester.  Once your application is submitted you will be contacted to set up an interview depending on the staffing needs.

Graduate Disability Advocate Applications should be submitted to Paige Lindahl-Lewis, Associate Director, 217/ 333-3315 for full consideration, completed application packets need to be submitted between March and May; however, applications are accepted up until the time the two positions are filled.

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Personal Assistant Application Materials

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Graduate Disability Advocate Application Materials

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Once Hired: Getting on Payroll and Completing Training

The following information regarding payroll and training is for newly hired personal assistant staff.  Newly hired Disabiltiy Advocates will receive communication from the Director regarding necessary paperwork and orientation/training.

You are required to get set up on payroll as soon as you have been offered a position as a personal assistant.  It is imperative that the following steps are taken because you are not allowed to work until you have completed the nessary forms and are on payroll.  Regardless of your position classification, if the listed procedures are not followed, you will not be set up on payroll and you will not receive a paycheck.

  • Upon completion of the interviewing process you will receive an ORANGE employment card.  You MUST take that card with you to your DRES appointment to be set up on payroll.  In order to be set up on payroll, you must call the Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) 333-4600 and set up an appointment to meet with Mindy Rick at 1207 S. Oak St., Champaign, Illinois, 61820.
    • If you have been on the U of I payroll, PLEASE inform her immediately.
    • You will need to bring the following:
      • Your Social Security Card;
      • Photo ID/Student ID; and
      • Your checking account information (so bring your check book).
    • You will have to complete an Employee Information Format (EIF) on NESSIE, so plan on spending about 30-45 minutes.
  • Once you have completed the EIF, Mindy will give you a GREEN employment card.  You must submit this card to Jason Murphy. The GREEN employment card must be turned in so that online time sheets can be processed.

  • You will be given a digital finger printing form.  Once you have completed the finger printing process you need to turn in your receipt to Jason Murphy.  You will not be given access to Nugent hall or the BRSS area until the Inquiry Response form is received from the Illinois State Police and/or the FBI and you have been cleared.

  • Upon completion of the interviewing and screening process, applicants are informed of their status and instructed on how to obtain training.  Applicants are required to attend training which covers the five core areas of working with BRSS residents with disabilities.  Once the training is completed the applicant will be scheduled either to work as a BRSS Floater or be placed on the list for individual student/PA scheduling.

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Current Employee Resources



It is your responsibility to complete online payroll correctly, including full dates, times worked and complete this process prior to the completion due date and time .  It is possible that you will have numerous residents each pay period and they will need to aprove the submitted hours prior to the Administrative staff"s final approval. You will need to fill out the individaul PA hours for each resident employer and any FLOATER shifts worked. Correctly inputing hours and submitting them  for processing by the resident, by 9:00p.m. the Sunday after each payroll ends, are joint responsibilities of the PA and the resident employer. Hours are due every two weeks by 9:00 pm on Sundays at the end of each pay period.  The following payroll schedule will assist you in getting your time sheets completed according to the University schedule. Completed online hours may be turned in at the end of your scheduled shifts during the current Bi-Weekly payroll. Notification to the resident employer that you have submitted hours is highly recommended.

The current Bi-Weekly payroll will be closed to submitting hours after 8:00am on the Monday following the close of the pay period once the Administrative approval is complete.   It is imperative that you submit your hours every two weeks.  DO NOT save hours for separate payroll periods for processing all at once.  This can be cause for termination.  If you miss a pay period  you will have to contact the BRSS administrative staff for directions on getting  the hours processed out of sequence.

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Personal Assistant Policy and Procedures

Floater Schedules

The Coordinator of Staffing & Education schedules floaters to work specified shifts during which they provide services to any or all of the BRSS residents.  Individuals indicate their interest in working specific shifts on the application and during the interview.

  • The Coordinator of Staffing & Education schedules floaters based on their availability and the availability of the shift.  Floaters are given their first preference whenever possible.  Priority, however, is given to Live-in PAs and employees who have worked particular shifts previously, as well as to those who have demonstrated reliability, dependability, and flexibility.

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Floater Parking - Arbor St. - Space #1

BRSS FLOATER staff may receive a hang tag for the #1 parking spot on Arbor St., directly north of Nugent Hall, while they are working a shift on the first floor of Nugent.  The procedure is:

  1. Before beginning their shift, BRSS floater staff will request a Arbor St. hang tag for their vehicle from the Nugent front desk.
  2. BRSS floater staff will sign out the Arbor St hang tag using the log sheet.
  3. Upon completion of their shift, the BRSS floater staff will return the Arbor St hang tag to Nugent front desk and sign it back in.
  4. The Desk Clerk will complete the information on the log sheet.
  5. BRSS Administrative staff will be responsible for checking in with the Nugent Desk Clerks to identify any hang tags that were not returned and/or to identify problem areas that need to be rectified.
  6. BRSS Administrative staff will follow up with floater staff who did not return the hang tag after their shift.

Arbor St. Hang Tags are not for individual PA use.  You will have to use on-street meter parking when working with individual residents as a personal assistant.

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Personal Assistant (PA) Schedules

  • PAs hired to work with individual students are placed on a list of hired PAs.  The names and phone numbers of these individuals are disseminated to the BRSS residents who are responsible for interviewing, hiring, and scheduling their own PAs.  This process insures that residents are given the opportunity to schedule those employees they feel will best fulfill their needs.
  • It is an expectation that staff work at least 10 hours a week. It is mandatory for Individual PAs, private hires or BRSS trained, to work two weekend shifts twice a month.  Our weekends include Friday night 8:00p.m. to 8:00a.m., Saturday 8:00am-11:00a.m./8:00pm-8:00a.m. and Sunday morning 8:00a.m.-11:00a.m. That means a combination of any two of those shifts qualify.  Your combination can be the first two weekends, the last two or every other weekend.  This is a minimum requirement, you can work more weekend hours to maintain your over all 10 hour weekly minimum total.
  • Review and submit online PA hours with employers during the last shift of the current pay period.
  • Notify student employers if you are unable to work because of a change in your schedule at least two hours, in case of an emergency or sudden illness, or two weeks, if a day off is needed, prior to the scheduled shift.
  • New residents are given suggestions and assistance, if necessary, on how to interview PAs as to what is important to look for in their PAs.
  • When hiring, students will have prepared a Personal Assistant Services Contract for each PA.  The contract stipulates the responsibilities of the PA and the student. Both parties sign the contract, which is used as an evaluation tool during the semester.
  • The BRSS residents are to inform the Coordinator of Staffing & Education and Visiting Disability Advisor of their PA schedule during the semester and when their schedule is complete.

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Additional Scheduling Information

  • It is the intention of the Administrative Team to fill BRSS positions for the following fall semester in the month prior to closing for the summer (April).  This allows time to train staff members before summer semester.  If the PAs are not identified prior to the end of the academic year, BRSS will set up PA filler positions in which current staff are asked to fill extra hours at the beginning of the fall semester to cover new and returning students’ needs until sufficient staff are hired, screened, and trained.
  • PA filler shifts are utilized for students who sign-up and have PA staff assigned for AM & PM care.
  • PA positions are paid on differing pay scales.  Each position worked is indicated on the time sheet so that employees can be paid at the correct rate.  PA filler positions are paid at the prime time rate during the beginning of fall semester.
  • Residents are responsible for securing and supervising their PAs during the summer session when BRSS is closed.  BRSS is in no way responsible for personal assistants working outside of BRSS during vacations and breaks, including the summer session.
  • Every effort is made to assure that PAs are assigned the number of hours that they request as long as it complies with University regulations. The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign stipulates that students maintain hours under 30 per week (international students are limited to 20 hours per week), while extra-help employees remain under 40 per week and/or 900 hours per academic year.  No employee, regardless of their status, should exceed 40 hours per week.  BRSS PAs are NOT paid an over-time rate.
  • Personal assistants are to secure replacements in the event that they are unable to cover a scheduled shift.  The BRSS Administration Team must be informed of any change through the When-to-Work (W2W) online system and send an email to all staff to actively seek a replacement, if the shift is not immediately picked up by another staff member in the W2W system. If an employee cannot locate a replacement, the employee is required to keep in contact the Coordinator of Staffing & Education to keep him fully informed so that further consideration can be made. An uncovered FLOATER shift where the Coordinator of Staffing & Education is not kept informed or notified, counts as a No Call/No Show (NC/NS) absence on the part of the PA.  Employees will be issued one warning (verbal and written) after a NC/NS absence prior to dismissal.  Persons returning to work after being absent due to medical reasons must have medical permission to return to work.

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Personal Assistant Door Access to Nugent Hall / First Floor / Individual Resident Rooms

You will need prox access in order to access Nugent Hall and individual rooms of BRSS residents who have hired you as a personal assistant.  In order to get an i-card that is prox eligible you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Staff must submit a GREEN employment card to the BRSS Administration.  The UIN # listed on the card will then be submitted to the Illini Union i-card store by BRSS Administration, for acceptance on the BRSS list.
  2. Student staff will then proceed to the Illini Union i-card store to update their student i-card to a prox access card.  Extra-Help employees will obtain a letter from the BRSS Administration to submit to the Illini Union i-card store to receive a PROX access i-card.
  3. Once staff have received the prox reader card they will inform BRSS Administration and submit the 5 digit number from the upper left corner on the back of the i-card along with your UIN# .
  4. BRSS Administrative staff will submit staff information to the housing BASIS program for staff to be permitted to enter Nugent Hall building and the BRSS first floor.
  5. Individual residents will submit Individual Room PROX Reader Consent forms with the name and UIN# of each of their employees to the Associate Director for processing at the beginning of each semester or with any staff changes during the semester.

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