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The Master of Health Administration at Illinois combines the benefit of a small program with the resources and opportunities of a leading research university. Established in 2017, this newer program allows students to be at the cutting edge of newly developed classes and curriculum, with instructions who are leaders in the field. Our small program size allows students to easily connect with the support faculty and be surrounded be a tight-knit cohort of peers. We welcome students from a wide variety of disciplines and training to join our diverse cohort of Master of Health Administration students.


Launching healthcare pioneers and lifelong leaders through innovative education and applied experiences.


To be recognized as a regionally dominant program and national leader in innovative healthcare management education.


MHA at Illinois uses the acronym I-SERVE to demonstrate our program values

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Our faculty and students demonstrate critical and creative thinking to transform the future of healthcare.
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Our faculty and students are committed to helping their patients, teams and community.
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The character of our faculty and students reflects integrity, a sense of duty, and a right moral approach.
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Our faculty and students accept accountability for the decisions they make and the actions they take, regardless of the outcome.
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Our faculty and students are forward thinking and imaginative about the future of healthcare.
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Our faculty and students apply maximal effort and passion to their work that produces high quality outcomes, preparing them to make a difference in the world.

Program Memberships


Target Market Statement

The target market for the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign MHA program includes high performing new graduates, early careerists and/or healthcare practitioners interested in developing healthcare business acumen and leadership skills. 

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