Curriculum Overview

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers a Master of Health Administration.

The Master of Health Administration program is a two-year residential program that includes courses in Health Economics, Finance, Operations, Policy, and Strategy.  The program includes two required professional experiences:

  • the Applied Practice Experience (APE): 200 hours of health administration experience in the summer, between year one and two.
  • the Integrated Learning Experience (ILE): a project-based capstone project completed in the final term in the program. 

Students move through our program as a cohort but choose electives tailored to their interests during their second year, with a wide variety of choices in our curriculum and from departments across campus.

The Master of Health Administration Curriculum Includes Courses In:

Year One: Fall

CHLH 456 – Organization of Healthcare
CHLH 572 – Principles of Epidemiology
CHLH 552 – Health Economics
CHLH 551 – Health Administration Professionalism 1

Year One: Spring

CHLH 550 – Health Policy: United States
CHLH 573 – Biostatistics in Public Health
CHLH 553 – Health Finance
CHLH 551: Health Administration Professionalism 2

Year Two: Fall

CHLH 557 – Operations Management in Healthcare
CHLH 556 – Strategic Planning in Healthcare
CHLH 585 – Community Health Internship (APE Course)
Elective – Students Choose from Approved List of Electives

Year Two: Spring

CHLH 555 – Healthcare Quality
CHLH 593 – Special Projects (ILE course)
CHLH 554 – Advanced Health Finance
Elective – Students Choose from Approved List of Electives

Course descriptions of all courses can be found in the Academic Catalog.


To supplement the Master of Health Administration degree requirements, and to allow for degree personalization, students choose two electives during their second year in the program.  The courses provided on the list below are pre-approved and will count toward these required electives. Students may petition to use a course, related to Health Administration but not on the list below, by contacting the MHA Assistant DirectorCurrent students should notify the Assistant Director before selecting a particular elective, to ensure that the course corresponds with their goals.

MHA Elective Courses

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