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Community Health:

Master of Science in Health Administration (MSHA)

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Professional Development

The MSHA program at Illinois offers ways to help your professional development. The MSHA program offers opportunities for students to network within the health administration field through guest speakers visiting campus, field trips, and conference travel. These experiences help prepare students to explore the large opportunities within health administration and find which is right for them for internships and jobs.

  • Events & Guest Speakers: The MSHA program and the wider University of Illinois campus host many events of interest to MSHA students throughout the year
  • Field Trips: Field Trips to healthcare organizations are a great way for students to network with current health administrators. These trips provide the MSHA students at Illinois a chance to see what it is like to work in health administration, develop ideas for their capstone, and meet future employers
  • Travel Grants: Each MSHA student receives a $500 travel grant each year to facilitate participation in conferences. The grants are designed to ensure that each student has the opportunity to participate in learning and networking at the state or national level. Each student can choose the conference(s) that best fit his/her interests

Contact Information

  • MSHA Program
  • Department of Kinesiology and Community Health
  • 1206 S. Fourth Street
  • Champaign, IL 61820
  • Phone: 217-244-1075
  • Email: MSHA@ahs.illinois.edu