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Speech & Hearing Science

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SHS 579: Professional/Ethical/Legal Issues in Audiology/Speech Language Pathology (3 Hours)

This course provides students with a working knowledge of professional, ethical and legal issues in audiology and speech, language pathology, including certification, licensure, quality assurance, evidence-based practice, and health care and reimbursement.

How to Enroll
1.    Complete the Academic Credit Registration Form for non-degree seeking students
2.    Review registration policies for non-degree students
3.    Create a login and password
4.    Select the Semester: (Example: Summer - Online Courses)
5.    Scroll to SHS 579: Prof/Eth/Legal Issues AuD/SLP
6.    Select credit hours and add course
7.    Complete additional questions and submit
Cost and Payment Due Dates

$1446 for the course ($482 per credit hour). Students will also be charged $196.00 UIUC General Fee.

Once you enroll in this course, a student account will be created and you will be billed $1446, based on the payment due dates. After enrolling, if you decide not to take the course or complete the course you are required to formally withdraw per the enrollment confirmation email you receive.


Students must be currently enrolled in a graduate AuD or MA/MS SLP program within the state of Illinois. Please fill out this form. A copy of your unofficial transcript from your current institution is also required and can be emailed to: shs@illinois.edu
Current SHS Students

Current students enrolled in SHS at the University of Illinois will be assessed at their current degree program tuition rate.

For Questions and More Information

•    For more information, visit this page.
•    Contact: Contact Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning Enrollment Services at 217-333-1462 or online-info@illinois.edu