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Undergraduate Affairs


During the term

Students who are unable to complete the courses they began in a given semester must initiate a formal withdrawal from the university. Continued absence from classes does not constitute a withdrawal, and an absence which continues through the final examination period may result in failing grades. Failure to follow proper university withdrawal procedures may thus produce an academic record which makes it difficult to return to this University or to enter another college or university. It will also incur a continuing financial obligation.

Various college rules apply on withdrawal status, depending on timing and circumstances of withdrawal request.

  • During the first eight weeks of the semester, students who are in good standing may withdraw without credit or penalty. No estimated grades are required.
  • During the ninth through 13th weeks of the semester, students with a history of previous withdrawals may be required to stop out for a semester or more, and/or have conditions for re-entry.
  • Students may not withdraw after the 13th week of the semester, although they can petition to do so retroactively after their academic status has been formalized. 

Clearance for withdrawal is obtained from AHS Undergraduate Affairs and the university's Office of the Dean of Students.

Retroactive withdrawal

Students may petition to withdraw from a semester after the conclusion of the final examination and/or the submission of grades. Typically, we expect such petitions to include documentation of extenuating circumstances. Our decisions may also take into account the petitioner's full academic record.

Stopping out

Students in good standing or on academic warning have the option of "stopping out" for a time; that is, leaving the university for one semester without initiating formal withdrawal procedures. Students who have stopped out will need to contact their advisor to begin course registration procedures.

If students are planning on transferring to another institution, the courtesy of initiating formal withdrawal procedures from the university is appreciated, but not required; if students have registered in advance for the subsequent semester, it is their obligation to clear these course enrollments. In cases both of withdrawal and "stopping out," students are encouraged to discuss their plans with their advisor, the assistant dean, and their parents or guardian.

The Office of Student Financial Aid provides information concerning possible partial adjustment of tuition and fees.

The college has detailed procedures for re-entering.