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Faculty Profile

Chung-Yi Chiu

Chung-Yi Chiu

Associate Professor

Department of Kinesiology and Community Health

Ph.D. Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology

University of Wisconsin-Madison




Health Promotion and Rehabilitation Laboratory

Curriculum Vitae:
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A Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Professor Chiu’s research aims to promote holistic health, well-being, and quality of life of people with disabilities and chronic illnesses. She has conducted theory-driven and interdisciplinary research in self-regulation of healthy lifestyles, positive psychosocial adjustment, and social participation. Her research focuses include:

  • Improving the Health Action Process Approach to enhance individuals’ self-management of healthy behaviors.
  • Strengthening individuals’ positive psychosocial factors, such as resilience, coping, and self-efficacy, to promote quality living with physical and mental health conditions.
  • Empowering individuals to optimize their participation in healthcare, community resources, and life fulfillment.