2 bicyclists riding on a country road

Recreation, Sport & Tourism

Promote environmental stewardship. Lead social and economic development. Study management and marketing.

Minor in Recreation, Sport & Tourism

This minor is directed towards students who have an interest in working in the sports,
recreation and/or tourism industries, or students who feel knowledge in these areas will
help them succeed in their careers. The foundational courses will enable students to
acquire knowledge about the broad range of the field and introduce them to the different
areas of the industry. The elective courses will allow students to gain expertise in a
particular area of the field, or develop a deeper knowledge base of the field and industry.

9 Hours Foundational Coursework

10-12 Hours Elective Coursework

19 Hours Min. Required for Completion

Students must complete 9 hours of foundational courses and 10-12 hours from approved
electives, including at least six hours of advanced (300-level or 400-level courses) and
six hours of coursework must be distinct from credit earned for the student’s major or
another minor.

More Info and Course Requirements

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