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Community Health

Examine public health issues. Create innovative solutions. Build stronger communities. Learn about health and rehabilitation services, and become an agent of change.

Community Health Ph.D.

The Community Health Ph.D. prepares students for academic and research careers that will enable them to find solutions to the health-related problems facing our society today and into the future.

The Community Health Ph.D. at Illinois offers students the opportunity to focus their studies in six major areas of concentration, allowing them to do work that is important to them. This program trains future community health researchers and practitioners as they address some of our greatest challenges.

Community Health PhD-MD

This is a seven-year program in cooperation with the Medical Scholars Program. Contact Julie Jenkins or Dr. Steven Petruzzello (contact information below) for more information.

Areas of Concentration

Health Behavior

Health Education

Health Policy

Health Services Research


Disability Studies

Admissions Requirements

  • An approved master’s degree
  • Graduate course experience in public health and statistics with grades of B or higher
  • Written preliminary examinations covering disciplinary and professional aspects of community health
  • An oral preliminary exam in the area of specialization
  • Dissertation proposal



For more information about degree requirements talk to your advisor or review the academic catalog.

Code Course
Advanced Research Methods/Statistics

Hours: 4

CHLH 565
CHLH 565 Teaching in the Professorate

Hours: 4

CHLH 591
CHLH 591 Seminar

Hours: 8

Specialization Courses

Hours: 8

Additional Research Methods/Statistics

Hours: 8

CHLH 599
CHLH 599 Thesis Research

Hours: 32

Total Hours: 64

Other Requirements (may overlap)

  • Final exam/dissertation defense
  • Dissertation deposit
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA 

Request more information

Julie Jenkins
Graduate Program Support Specialist
Phone: (217) 333-1083

Dr. Steven Petruzzello
Associate Head for Graduate Studies