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Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

Research social and behavioral science. Address human health holistically. Tailor your degree to prepare for the complexities of the health science industry.


Our knowledge goes beyond the classroom.


I-Heal is the registered student organization for the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences program at the University of Illinois. I-Heal provides students opportunities to explore the health field through field trips and outings and by inviting speakers to campus. They also serve the community in a number of ways by participating in community events such as the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk or the Race For The Cure.

I-Health 375 & 475

These two courses provide opportunities for students to get out of the classroom and start applying what they have learned in the community. This not only provides students with an opportunity for hands-on learning but it also allows them to start having a positive impact on the world around them before they graduate. Some of our field experience partner organizations include Carle Hospital, OSF Hospital, Clark-Lindsey Village, and Champaign-Urbana Special Recreation.