Facilities: Policies

  • Hours - building hours (locking/unlocking schedule). Huff 7-10 M-F LOCKED SA-SU, Freer 7-9 M-TH 7-5 F 8-5 SA LOCKED SU, Speech 7-5 M-F. Address link, contact person, etc.
  • Keys - All key requests must come from the department office or section head
  • To submit service requests email facilities@ahs.illinois.edu.
  • After Hours Facilities needs (leaks, freezer alarms, etc.) call 217-493-0096. Call 911 for emergencies or campus police.
  • Lost & Found - direct them to the Dean’s office
  • Mail - outlines where to put mail, shipping information and whom to contact if they have questions (Business office, Dean’s Office, IT for computer equipment?)
  • Campus Stores - 1609 S. Oak, Champaign (217) 244-0139