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Undergraduate Affairs

Returning to AHS after time away

AHS students who voluntarily withdrew during the semester or stopped out for a semester are generally eligible for re-entry to the AHS major in which they were last enrolled, provided they meet two conditions:

  • The student is in good standing or on academic warning.
  • The student's maximum terms of eligibility have not been exceeded. AHS limits the numbers of semesters students may be enrolled for the purpose of completing their degrees.

Other students who may complete the AHS re-entry form include:

  • AHS students placed on a "must petition" status due to late semester withdrawal, disciplinary issue, or other special circumstances. Re-entry is not guaranteed.
  • Any Illinois student required to spend time away from campus due to inadequate academic progress ("drop" status) who now wants to apply for re-instatement or admission to AHS as a declared major. Re-entry is not guaranteed.
  • Students who have already earned a degree at Illinois and wish to pursue a second Bachelor's degree.

Choose one of the following steps, depending upon your time of absence:

  • AHS students who have stopped out for one semester only should contact their advisor to verify remaining degree requirements and appropriate registration time.
  • Students who have stopped out for two semesters or more should submit the AHS Re-entry Application.

Please note:

  • Students on academic drop status must stop out for at least one full semester (summer session is not included) before they are eligible to submit a petition for re-entry. Re-entry is not guaranteed and will depend upon a careful review of your application and previous performance patterns.
  • International students should submit by the priority application deadline in order to provide enough time for visa application and processing.
  • Your Re-Entry Application must be received by the dates indicated below.
Re-entry Application Dates
Term for which applying Summer
Application available FEB 1 MAY 1 OCT 1
Deadline for priority application MAR 1 JUN 1 NOV 1
Decision on priority application MAY 1 JUL 15 DEC 15
Last possible date for completed application APR 30 JUL 31 NOV 30